The Greatest Actor

I'm a poet. I'm a loner. I'm a social butterfly. I'm a beauty. I'm a reject. I'm anything you want me to be.

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when did the roads all lead to you
like sunshine, like life anew
and when did roses grow from the sky
from you and I

there was something more to say
but you’d never notice anyway
I just thought I would come and say
I miss you

but anyway

since when did you grow your hair out
like some angel sprouting
from the earth, over trees
take me to heaven if you please

I will not forget this place
I will not have my heart retrace
a summer love lost in a girlish daze
I cannot erase  

so take me back to that place

if you dare, if you would
if you might, if you could
I would love to know
where the ghost still roams

I will not bring you flowers
I will not send you places
I will not force a habit
when I can change this
for good
for good
for good

I turned my latest improvisation into a full song…hope you enjoy. :)

  • 17 August 2012
  • 19