The Greatest Actor

I'm a poet. I'm a loner. I'm a social butterfly. I'm a beauty. I'm a reject. I'm anything you want me to be.

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The outcome of me fiddling with my guitar: poetry set to music. Hope you like it. :-)


haunted tunes and Sunday moons

they play across your crystal frame

the way you gaze at me with jewels

in this starlit place for fools

all the words you couldn’t say

they stay with me, a little game

is played until my mind is high

across a pale vanilla sky

where did all the darkness go?

away from me? could that be so?

I never saw a world this white

it’s hard to love; it can’t be right

why’d you bring me to this place?

I’ll never see beyond the light

I’ve lost my sight but see your face
my heart is lost somewhere in space

  • 26 June 2012
  • 16