The Greatest Actor

I'm a poet. I'm a loner. I'm a social butterfly. I'm a beauty. I'm a reject. I'm anything you want me to be.

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Brian Andreas - Story People


Brian Andreas - Story People

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I was the dirt
in his fingernails

the ashes
flicked from
his cigarette

his dirty words
mumbled into
the thick heat
of a battered
hotel room

a tear in the
plastic wrapping

the drips of sweat
off two bottles
of Bud

I was
the panting
the inhale
the exhale

the quiver in
his legs and
a spot left
on the sheets

better yet—

I was the moon
that caught his eye

right before
he fell asleep

Blood Moon

blushing at the sight
of two lovers quietly
turning to her light

“Who can face the sea and not inherit its loneliness?”

—   Olin Ivory, from the poem “Bad Year Anthem” by Matthew Nienow, Poetry (November 2013)

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practicing excessive optimism in order to try and make another person more optimistic is exhausting

My Body is Not Your Sin

I was born in a deep water

in a purling stillness
baiting a school of fish
toward the holy hook of a
shrouded fisherman

and when the blood ran
I was brought into the aether

reincarnated as
nelumbo nucifera

a chimerical existence
eager to blossom

with soil and water
light and time

and you

swarming my pink hips
to open so naturally

so that
you might rest your wings
on my delicate nakedness
before my petals fall off

before I return
to that familiar deep water

“We’d make love. We’d make love through the sadness.”

—   Charles Bukowski   (via petrichour)

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the-wildman asked: I actually want to know a very deep and personal question: Who are your top five bands? Any genre, just so long as it's a band.

This question makes me so anxious! I hate picking favorites…But off the top of my head (and not including solo acts): Real Estate, Deerhunter, Radiohead, Yo La Tengo and the Beatles. Later on, I’ll probably regret not mentioning a band.

The Flow

I went
in a river
many weeks ago
and have not
been back

the water was
cool to the touch
and its
masculine arms
made me feel
for once

it’s been
so long since
I felt my vertebrae
perfectly aligned

although my body
is now mostly skin:
a pale prune
buoying along
his rough waters

I could be asleep
or dreaming
or dead

but I’ve been
floating down
this river

for weeks
(or months)
(or years)

where I’ll
end up

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